Saturday, May 23, 2009

Local Library Visit - 5 Books 2 Rules

Hi Everyone,

Each week I take a small group of children to the local library to borrow books. This group of Junior Crew Kids have an insatiable appetite for information books.
Even though we had time to read inside the library, I heard nothing but complaints about my sensible rule banning reading on the bus ( to prevent bus sickness) so we sat in front of the library, in the glorious sunshine, to read before we headed back to school.
The children use the 5 Finger and Goldilocks Rules to select books that are 'just right' for them to read.
Each student borrows five books to bring back to school to read and share with others during relaxation and choice time. Some tricky books get put into the bag each week because as well as reading on your own it is also lovely to have someone read to you.
If you would like to find out more about the 5 Finger and Goldilocks Rules click on the picture or any of the hyperlinks to visit the Book Nuts Reading Club site.


  1. Wow That will be fun going to the local library. You get to read new books when you go the the library.

  2. Sue,
    Hello! I guess you have figured out the Wonderful Ones have been promoted to 2nd grade and are all gone on summer vacations... I have been away, too! We are soon going to be starting our school year - in mid-to late-August. I am looking forward to communicating with you and the Jr. Crew again this school year. I enjoyed looking back through your blog since I have been away. I enjoyed the posts about the signs... it would be fun to compare/contrast those when we start back to school. Also I liked the 5-finger rule site. I've taught that rule, but the site was new to me. Thanks again - you always teach me something new!