Sunday, June 28, 2009

Do You See What I See?

Hi Everyone,

I love these optical illusion pictures. In the one above the circles ( snails) look like they are moving but if you concentrate on just one you will see that they are actually quite still. If you are finding it difficult to stop the image from moving put your finger on one of the circles to still the image.

The junior Crew kids have been doing lots of eye tracking and peripheral vision exercises over the past few weeks. We have added the Eye Can Learn web site to the blog margin so that you can see the types of activities we have been working on each day.

It is really important to ensure that our eyes are working correctly if we want to learn how to read and write.

Click on the link and have a go at some of the activities. Do you see what I see or do your eyes need a work out?


  1. That's really amazing!! I visited the Eye Can Learn Site after one of your other blogs, it's pretty awesome!

  2. So good to see you back online posting Sue! I have to say looking at the circles I dont think that they are moving but then it is the last week of term before the holidays! Welcome back!
    Melville Intermediate, Room 8, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  3. Hi Lori and Myles,
    I am wondering if you are able to see the images hidden in the stereograms ( hidden pictures) on the Eye Can Learn site. No matter how hard I try I have never been able to see them!
    Myles I am a bit concerned that you cant see the circles moving. Perhaps you need to get your eyes tested during the holidays :)

  4. I think this optical illusion is cool but I don't know how it spins around when you look at it when it doesn't spin around. At school we have been commenting on our blog post about graffiti. What do you think of graffiti.