Sunday, May 17, 2009

Telling the Time


Junior Crew parents and carers,

Between you and me, although it's really no secret, the kids are getting very good at telling the time using digital and analogue clocks.

Now would be an excellent time to buy a watch for them so they can practise reading the time and recognising times that relate to important routines in their day.


  1. Hi Junior crew
    Im from Morrinsville Intermediate school.
    Its great how you are learning to tell the time.
    Is it hard learning how to tell the time ?

    Morrinsville Intermediate
    New Zealand

  2. Well so you are learning the time thats so fun but hard I'am still learning good luke

  3. hi junior crew
    its good that your learning to tell the time as it is very hard!!! i didn't get hold of telling the time till i was nine! and i think that is really good that your telling everyone about your progress. maybe you could have an award like: best teller of the time for each day of the week then the star of the day can choose who gets it tomorrow?

    Morrinsville Intermediate New Zealand

  4. COOL learning the time is so awesome i wish we could learn the time to.

  5. Hi Juniour crew
    it is a very good time to learn the time in case when your late for collage you know the time and can get there right on time. keep up the good work and make sure you learn the time

    morrinsville intermediate new zealand

  6. Hi junior crew I couldn’t tell time an till a turned 10 years old but it is hard to tell time in English
    Because a am from South Africa and hade speak a different laughs so good luck junior crew

    danielle New Zealand

  7. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for your positive feedback. The Junior Crew are great at using 1/4 to and past times now!