Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Autumn Fun

My daffodils, carrots and snow peas are all growing well.
We all had a leaf fight. Sue said we could. I didn't get leaves in my jumper.

We had a leaf fight and Ricky put leaves down my shirt.

We had a leaf fight. It was fun and it was amazing. I was checking on the seeds and bulbs. There are the daffodils the carrots and the snow peas.

We went to the vegetable garden to have a leaf fight. We threw the leaves . I threw the leaves at Eleanor. She was happy and surprised.

We had a fight named ' The Leaf Fight'. I did the leaf 'burst of ability' move on Eleanor. She was scared.

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  2. I like the Jigsaw By emily
    Chorlton Park Primary School

  3. Wow, what a beautiful photo. This really captures the fun and playfulness of your day! I like to play with the leaves too and I like all the different colours. Can you tell me how to do the "burst of ability" move? I am very intrigued.

  4. Hi Everyone,
    Chorlton Park kids: Thanks for the positive comments about our blog.
    Miss F: I really like the photo too. The kids had a great time. The burst of ability move was Daniel's way of relating leaf throwing to his favourite pass time which is playing Play Station games. It was a move he used to pick up the largest number of leaves and throw them at someone else as quickly as he could while leaping of the ground. Very tricky and very effective as a surprise strategy.

  5. wow the leaf fight sounds like great fun I cant wait till autumn

  6. morrinsville intermediateNZMay 25, 2009 at 9:33 AM

    Wow I wish that we could do that,it looks like so much fun my favourite season is autunm hope you have fun in class.

  7. I agree with Miss.F that is a great photo. In the image it is giving us the picture that you guys are colourful, creative and bright class.
    From Calvin.S rm10mis.blogspot.com