Monday, May 4, 2009

The Junior Sleep-Over Night

Hi Everyone,
It's official! The Junior Sleep over Night will be on Thursday the 25th of June. That's the night before the last day of school for Term 2.
At this stage it's looking like it is going to be a pizza, hot chips and movie night, with some sleep in the mix there at some stage!
More details soon !


  1. Hi Junior Crew,
    A sleepover at school sounds like a lot of fun. I wonder what movie you will see? My class still loves to see the Peep videos. Thanks for introducing us to the site. Hope you have a great Mother's Day weekend with all your Moms.
    Mrs. Lynch

  2. this sounds like a great way to have some fun at school! our class has never had something like this, you are very lucky. I like the picture of the modeling clay peple in bed, hope you have a great sleep over night,
    room 10,
    Morrinsville intermediate school.

  3. Wow,
    A sleep over sounds like fun I had a sleepover at my old school and we hired out princess diaries 2 and we played sing star on playstaion 2.
    What movie are you guys going to watch?
    Saro Morrinsville InterMeidate,
    New Zealand.

  4. COOL!!! a sleep over. this is really cool. Are you going to have popcorn & lollies & all sorts of things.I bet you are so excited.