Monday, February 9, 2009

This Is Not A Drill!

Hi Everyone,

How do you begin to describe a day like today? We had five staff absent defending their properties against the fires and some of our families have already chosen to send their children into town to stay with friends and relatives,until the all clear is given for them to return to their homes.

Many of our staff members including Chrissie, Neville and Paula have family members in the CFA, fighting the fires tonight. Val’s home was under threat last night and she lost some cattle but her house is still standing and her family are safe . Our thoughts are with them all.

I have the radio on, and they have just announced that the fires burning locally have escalated. That means that we will be no doubt covered in a blanket of smoke again tomorrow. Please let us know if your child’s asthma management plan needs to be updated, or if your child is experiencing any breathing difficulties at all because of the smoke haze. The children will be kept inside for recess and lunch if the smoke is an issue again tomorrow and the rooms have refrigerated air conditioning so we are able to keep all the doors and windows closed and provide a clean air environment.

Now more than ever, it is important for your children to know your fire safety plan. I really wish our home work assignment wasn’t quite so relevant! I hope that everyone you care about stays safe and well over night.


  1. I really hope that you all manage to keep safe - my thoughts are with you..

    Mrs Scannali
    Chorlton Park Primary School

  2. Thank-you for the comment a Powhiri is a Welcoming Ceremony there were about 150 year 7 student there Matua Tutu is speaking in Moari.I hope you are safe from the fire.

    Melville Intermediate Room 8
    Hamilton New Zealand

  3. Hi a Powhiri is a wellcoming Ceremony for the year 7 that hapens evey year,ther was about 156 people,It was speaking in Maori.I hope I have answered all you questions thanks so much for leaving your comment. Keep safe.
    Jamie, Melville Intermediate, New Zealand.

  4. I hope your all ok by remece

  5. Hi Everyone I am sorry that the houses are on fire. By Aliyah in chollton park school.

  6. hi evryone in astralya I am sorry to hear about the fire. by nombu from cholton park shool

  7. Hi Remece, Aliyah and Nombu,
    We are all okay. Just a bit sad and worried. Thanks for caring.