Saturday, February 14, 2009

International Celebrations!

Hi Everyone,
This week we will be celebrating 100 days of school with our friends in Canada and the USA. Click on the hyperlink to see how our Canadian friends in Room 102 are celebrating.
For homework this week we would like all of the children to put together a 100 collection display and bring it to school.
It could be as simple as 100 rubber bands or paper clips arranged in an interesting way. It might be a collection of 100 objects that are all the same or different. They could be arranged in groups of ten for example. Click on the picture for 100 collection ideas. The possibilities are endless. Let your imaginations run wild!


  1. Hi Sue and all the Junior Crew. I hardly get to see you guys now but am blown away by how busy you've already been.Good to see all the work you are doing with Melissa and Michelle and the explorations you have been doing about sinking and floating things.Perhaps you can visit Gail's room and tell her kids all that you have learnt????Thanks to Sue for all the helpful ideas for keeping safe with the fire threat around us.Thanks, Jill

  2. Hi Jill,
    Thanks for the email. We hope that you are feeling better now. We have been busy, but we are never to busy to come for a visit!
    See you next week.

  3. 100 days of school - perhaps we could do a New Zealand and Australian thing to celebrate 9 days of school?

  4. Now that's an idea Mr Webb! Perhaps we should keep count and then Canada and the USA could celebrate with us when it is our 100th day of school. 91 days to go!

  5. I like that idea, Sue. But wow! I will tell my kids that you will be celebrating with us tomorrow. I am quite excited to see everyone's collections. I plan to bake a cake later today (it's Sunday) and I will put 100 candies on it. Thanks for sharing with everyone. I also like your vocaroo. Maybe I will try that, too. Have a great week.