Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stop -Drop - Roll

Hi Everyone,
Today the children learned what to do if their clothes catch fire. We practiced how to 'Stop -Drop- Roll', and talked about how it is very important to stay calm and never run if your clothing is alight . They have been taking our fire safety lessons very seriously and there were no complaints when we practiced our fire safety drills outside, in the scorching Summer heat. If you click on our Stop -Drop - Roll picture today, it will take you to a PDF sheet that you can colour in.
We also talked about water today. We watched a Video on Peep and the Big Wide World , about a duck called Quack, who wanted to prove that his pond was bigger and better than the pond next door. The video was a great combination of entertainment and mathematics. The children learned all of the different ways the size of a pond could be measured. It had a happy ending as all good stories do! I would encourage everyone to check out the site over the weekend as the video topic changes every day and the program is excellent.
All of the children had an art lesson today. One group spent time in the art room with Sheryl and Marg and the other worked with Lorraine and I in the classroom. As well as completing their art works,Sheryl's group had a fantastic time spraying each other with water bottles, which was a great activity for a 40 degree plus day!
Thanks to all those parents who have sent in all their permission forms We are so sorry that you have been bombarded with newsletters and permission slips since Monday. We hope that all the paper work will be completed by next week. We are really looking forward to meeting with parents during SSG week. We already have so many great things to tell you about your children. Click on the arrow to hear a recording of today's post.


  1. That is very sad to hear about the fire . We are thinking about you.We are Choltonpark primary school.By kelly and Hannah.

  2. Thanks girls. it's good to know that there are people so far away thinking of us.

  3. sorry to hear theres a fire hope everything is allright from jonah chorlton park

  4. Hi I heard aboat the fire,i hope everybody is ok and youre children are ok too.

    BY Olivia,Chorlton park

  5. I like the fire enstrekshen becose it is very inporton.By zardasht

  6. Hi Jonah, Olivia and Zardasht,
    We are all okay. The fires in our area are all under control now. i agree with you Zardasht, learning about fire safety is very important,no matter where you live. The really sad part about everything that has happened is that the CFA think many of the fires were set by arsonists. That means they were lit on purpose.

  7. Was the fire clos to the school?
    BY Dua chorlton park

  8. Hi Dua,
    No the fires were not close to the school we were very lucky that the brave CFA fire fighters got in very close to the fires when they were a long way from the school. There are some schools in our area that have been closed because they are closer to where the fires are still burning and / or there is too much smoke in the air to go to school. It would have been very frightening for them. We had lots of dreadful smelling smoke in the air here and it was very hot and stuffy on the ground when the fires were out of control. The fire fighters are back burning now, so we have a little bit of smoke but we can see the sky again. Thanks for your comment :)