Monday, February 2, 2009

The First Day of School

Hi Everyone,
Today was our first day back at school for 2009. The temperature was 42 C but the day turned out to be really cool!
All of the children worked and played well together and got straight back into the routines of school life.
The children really enjoyed working across the two rooms. Their transitions between the two spaces were great! We are really pleased that they are comfortable with the team teaching approach.
The children began some reading tasks in the Junior Crew Book shelf area today. The Mr Bump story was a big hit. The children are beginning to learn how to post comments on the blog. When they have had lots of practise on this site, we will give them the opportunity to comment on our blogging buddies' sites.
The Mr Men books and videos are a great tool , so we will be using them to teach across a variety of subjects. Today we watched the Mr Men Car Wash DVD, which tied in beautifully with our theme 'Earth, Wind, Fire and Water'. This week we are going to be speaking and writing about all of the ways we use water.
We will also begin our fire safety lessons this week. For homework I will be asking the children to talk with the adults at home, about fire safety in the home, and practice walking to their 'safe meeting place' . At school we will be practising walking to our Emergency Meeting Places and learning the fire safety steps, as taught in our fire safety song, which you will find by clicking on the hyperlink or under the 'Fire' links area in the left margin of the blog.
Every child will have a newsletter in their bag explaining our room set up for 2009. There is also some information about our blog and a permission form for parents to sign, so that we can publish photographs of the children on the blog. We would really appreciate it, if these could be returned to school as soon as possible. We took some great pictures today and I am itching to use them. I hope that the kids came home happy and relaxed ,with great stories to tell about our awesome day. See you tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Wendy and Mal,
    Thanks so much for your comment which I accidentally deleted instead of publishing. Yes, I did write a post at 11:45 at night. I'm a bit of a night owl and very addicted to blogging. I am so pleased that you like the look of the new blog, and I promise that I will not delete the next comment you send. Maybe it's a sign I need to go to bed now and get some sleep :)