Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hey Junior Crew- It's Back to School Eve

Hi Junior Crew,
It's back to School Eve. The First day of school is tomorrow! Have you got your uniform and shoes ready? Did you check your bag for mouldy sandwiches? Have you planned your healthy lunch yet?
There is so much to do. The most important thing to do on 'Back to School Eve,' is to go to bed at your school night bedtime. There are no more sleep in days left until the weekend!.
We have lots of fun things planned for tomorrow, so we need you to be wide awake and ready to go. See you soon!
You can hear Sue read today's post, if you click on the Vocaroo arrow.


  1. Hi Junior Crew,
    Welcome back to school! Greetings from Montreal, Canada. We are looking forward to watching your class blog and all the fun activities you will be doing with your teacher.
    Mary Ellen Lynch

  2. Hello Junior Crew.
    Hope you all had a good holiday. I am looking forward to following your year on your Blog site.
    Remember to always have fun at school.