Saturday, March 28, 2009

Money Money Money

Hi Everyone,
I have spent the weekend searching for life skills sites on the Internet to add to my teacher resource blog . Next term the Junior Crew kids will be spending lots of our maths sessions developing their money handling skills.
During SSG meetings this term parents have asked me how they can help to develop these skills at home. Today I found a website with some great tips on how to teach money management skills to kids. Click on the picture and it will take you there!


  1. Our class agrees, your money is pretty. We like that your bills or notes have so many colors. We have really enjoyed Peep and the Big Wide World. Thanks again for the link. Today's show was about a storm and it was raining at our school.

  2. Hey thanks for that tip. I never knew that before. Usally when my parents use to give me money I used to spend it on something rubbush but from your tip I learned that you should always save your monry for what you want to buy at the latest stage.