Thursday, March 26, 2009

Big Changes!

Change is in the air and I'm not just talking about hair colour! In science we have been looking at how properties of chemicals change by adding air and water. Marg took these beautiful photo's of Tey Neisha and Tim blowing bubbles in the playground.

Luke welcomed a new baby sister. Little Servanda, Nathalia, Rose came to visit us at school this week. Luke holds her gently while cousin Cory looks on. Welcome to the world little one and congratulations to Luke's family.
The biggest change happened yesterday! We have a whole class worth of new students starting at our school next term so we have had to change things around a little. I will be leaving Rooms 4 &5 with some of the older Junior Crew class members to set up a middle years transition class. We are all very excited about the move into room 12!

Change is inevitable but I wasn't expecting quite so many changes this week!

Two days of changes are coming up next week. I will be away at an Autism seminar and Helen and Liz will be teaching in my place. Liz will be the new Room 4/5 teacher next term so it will be nice for her to spend some time with the children.

Only one more week until the Easter Holiday. We're looking forward to 2 weeks break.

How about you?


  1. Hi Sue,
    Change is around us too. Spring is coming and streams are everywhere. Birds are singing and the sun is shining brightly!Spring!!!

  2. Hi Dave,
    I'm going to come over and see what you have been up to! I'm so glad that things are warming up for you. I watched all the news about the gas crisis over the Christmas holidays.

  3. It sounds like you had several changes last week. I can feel for you changing assignments. I will be teaching in a different role next year as well. I feel a little loss because I will not be a "traditional" teacher.
    Mr. C

  4. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.