Thursday, September 3, 2009

Positive Pester Power

A message from the Crew!

Did you know that if you wash with hot water and tumble dry you will make 6500 grams of green house gas?
If you wash with cold water and line dry you will only make 200 grams of green house gas.

Please wash in cold water!
You have the power to make the difference to climate change!


  1. Hi Junior Crew,
    We are back in school again and I will visit your blog more often now. I wash in cold water. I like how you are promoting good environmental habits. Have a good week.
    Mrs. Lynch and her grade 2 class

  2. That is so funny beacuse my mum uses hot water to wash my clothes and she always think shes the best and she always is right

  3. Hello this Hadley from Morrinsville Intermediate, Great facts I should get My Mum to try using cold water.