Sunday, August 30, 2009

Solving the Problems of the World

Hi Parents and friends,
The Junior Crew kids are on an environmental mission. We intend to use 'Pester Power' as a positive force. This week our task is to ask family and friends to switch to washing clothes in cold water. The evidence for switching really does speak for itself and it is such an easy way to help protect the environment. Click on the picture to take a look at the Visy Enviromaniacs site which is packed with great games to play and information about how to protect our environment. Will you help us solve the problems of the world?


  1. The cost savings in cleaning clothes in cold water seem to be a good way to go with this program. It is hard to convince people to change what they do and an economic incentive is pretty powerful. Obviously, being "bugged" by our children can also be a change agent!
    Mr. C

  2. So true Mr. C!
    We are going to write about this for our school newsletter this week. We will make sure to include the cost factor too :)

  3. Hello Junior Crew! Our summer vacation is over and My new group of second graders started school last week. We are looking forward to visiting your blog and discovering what you are learning!