Friday, July 10, 2009

See the Signs

Hi Everyone,
This term our whole school theme is 'See the Signs' and are going to cover a whole range of topics within it. We are going to take the theme literally and explore the meanings of signs in the community We are also going to look at signs of change in our environment and in our bodies as we grow, age and change.

I have linked this photo to a site that is dedicated to Australian road signs. We have some very unique ones here. The Junior Crew would be very interested in seeing signs from our international blogging buddies too so please send us some by email. You'll find our email address in the left margin.

Junior Crew Kids, it's only three more sleeps until school starts back so it's time for you to start getting back into your school term sleeping patterns. That means you need to start going to bed at your normal bed time again so that your body clock gets back into routine. Other wise I will see the signs of some very tired children on Monday morning.

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