Thursday, July 2, 2009

Classroom Makeover

Hi again,
Our room has had a make over! We had some new carpet laid on Monday. It will make a big impact on reducing the noise, especially echo, in the room.
Many of the Junior Crew kids are auditory defensive which means that they are very sensitive to sound. The new carpet will help us all to feel calm and concentrate on our learning.
We had a bit of a technology crisis during term 2 which is why we haven't been able to post much lately but our Smart Board arrived during the second last week of term and we also had 2 new computers installed during the last week of term. Room 12 is very high tech now!


  1. Hi this is Pam, Your new room looks great. One day I will have to call in and see it. Have a great 3rd term and i look forward to following your progress. By the way your garden looks great.

  2. Your classroom looks so nice! When I got carpet in my old classroom it was a huge noise reducer. Now that you have new computers and a Smartboard, I imagine your students are really excited for next year.

    Mr. C

  3. Hi Mr C,

    Our kids are excited but they don't have to wait until next year to enjoy the room. Our School year runs from February to December so we are only half way through our school year. We are currently on 2 weeks school holidays ( our Winter break) We had holidays around Easter and we will have another break in 10 weeks time. We finish up school for the year about a week before Christmas and then we have a month off.