Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Farewell 2009 - Hello 2010

Hi Everyone,
The Junior Crew kids will be in new classes this year and I will be taking up a new part time role ( 3 days a week) as a teaching and learning coach working for teachers working with students on the Autism Spectrum,and a school based role for 2 days which is still in the design stage. I will also be part of the Positive Partnerships Victorian training team . I am going to be very busy.
This blog will evolve into something new.
So new in fact, that I am not even sure what will happen yet!
Watch this space.
Exciting times are ahead.
Happy New Year !


  1. Hi Sue,
    Good to see you after so long!
    Happy New Year !!!

  2. Hi Sue, I love your blog and have had it on the side bar of my class blog for quite a while. I was looking out for an interactive online date and weather chart and was pleased to spot yours yesterday. I used your picture on the side bar to help me create one for my blog. Hope you don't mind. Is yours a photo of one you've made? Tina

  3. Hi Lyudmila and Tina,
    It is good to be back blogging again. I can't believe the holidays are almost over.
    Tina, feel free to copy and paste whatever you like from my blog. It's all about sharing resources as far as I am concerned :)